Lazy Friday Video Post: “She don’t like Firefly!”

It has been quite some time since the last “Lazy Friday Video Post”, but I thought I should resurrect this tradition. This week’s video is not really RPG-related but I know that a lot of gamers also like Firefly, so it’s not totally off-topic.


By the way, this song is definitely fun to listen to, but I doubt it’s based on a real story. Would you leave your girlfriend because she doesn’t like your favorite TV show? Discuss!

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8 thoughts on “Lazy Friday Video Post: “She don’t like Firefly!””

  1. My wife, on the other hand, practically begged me to take her to see Serenity opening weekend because I had gotten her hooked on Firefly. She actually shed tears when Wash died.

    Oh, and I've also turned her onto Star Wars, comic book movies, Avatar: The Last Airbender and a bunch of other classicly geeky material. I guess I'm just lucky.

    Now, there are a few things that she doesn't like, such as the original (and ONLY) Highlander, but let us not needlessly torment ourselves with ridiculous notions of the existence of perfection. I'll take what I've been graciously given!

  2. While my wife loved Firefly, and saw the movie with me (or maybe I saw the movie with her–I don't remember), we did have a tense moment in our relationship where, after 10 minutes into Empire Strikes Back, she said, "Do we have to keep watching this?"

    It will be nine years in September… so yes, _anything_ is possible! 🙂
    My recent post The Value of Systems- FATE

    1. Ouch! Talk about dagger through the heart! I know I was breathing a huge sigh of relief when my wife, who previously held the general opinion that the whole Star Wars "thing" was kinda silly, sat down to watch A New Hope with me and said she really liked it. So, of course we moved on to Empire (the look on her face when Vader proclaimed to be Luke's father was priceless!) and finally Jedi. She told me afterward that she didn't think that Star Wars was going to be as good as it was. Score!

      Naturally, I have delicately warned her against the prequel trilogy but told her that if she *really* wanted to watch them at some point, I would certainly be willing to console her through the disappointment…

  3. Well if my standards were that high I would have no relationships… I have NEVER dated a gamer, my ex wife was not a fan of RPGs (for a whole other set of reasons I need not get into here) and my GF tolerates it but has NO interest in it. I did date someone who encouraged I played but wanted to tell me with whom to play. Gaming has never been something I share with my SO…

    1. My wife has never played an RPG but I'm pretty open about my hobby with her. She sees me reading the books and chatting with friends about it and she's cool and even occasionally glances over my shoulder in half-interest.

      Ironically, she's sorta of the opinion that she doesn't want to "intrude" upon what she believes is "my thing" and of course I correct her by saying that I would be more than happy to show her what it's about if she is ever interested. I've not gotten her to try anything yet but she continues to make the occasional comment that it sounds neat and that she's curious to see how it would all actually work. Plus she loves vampires and I told her about the existence of a certain vampire RPG. We shall see…

  4. I feel the guy's pain… my gf is a gamer (video and tabletop), listens to good music, etc. But … she doesn't like firefly, and she's never seen any of the star wars movies.

    I haven't dumped her…. yet 😉

    1. You never really know until you try. My wife was about the last person I expected to enjoy something like Star Wars (she didn't even like Raiders of the Lost Ark for heaven's sake!) but ended up really liking it. Don't force it on her, just pop the movie in for yourself one evening when she's in one of those "half-occupied but not really occupied" states and see if she winds up paying attention to it. That's how I got my wife hooked!

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