We need a RPGNow for Free RPGs!

I am pretty sure you all know RPGNow (or one of the other OneBookShelf shops). It’s a great marketplace for RPG products in digital format as well as POD.

For the customer it’s easy to browse and search for products, buying and downloading products works flawlessly and you can rate and review every product you bought. For the publisher uploading their products, setting up product descriptions and cover images and running promotions is easy as pie. In addition to that you get extensive statistics on how often your products have been sold.

There is of course free stuff on RPGNow, too, but it’s first and foremost a shop that wants to sell products and make money. But wouldn’t it be great if there were a site that offers at least some of the features that RPGNow does, but for free RPGs?

Imagine a site, where creators of free RPGs can sign up and upload their free PDFs, enter product descriptions and add a cover image. Having some kind of way to track the number of downloads would be handy, but not that important.

The “customers” of the site can download any free RPG/supplement for free and without the need of being registered at the site, but being registered might have some benefits like being able to post reviews and rate the stuff you downloaded.

This site could be THE place where people go first when they look for free roleplaying games and it could help support many indie game designers out there, who like to give away their games for free.
What do you think about my idea? Is this a project worth pursuing?