tremulus Sneak Peek

Earlier today Sean Preston of Reality Blurs released a sneak peek of tremulus with his latest Kickstarter update in the form of the The Heir playbook. The Heir is actually the character I played during playtest. 🙂

The Heir page 1 The Heir page 2

The Kickstarter is still going strong: five stretch goals have been met and $24,421 have been pledged so far. But I really hope we’ll hit the $30,000 stretch goal soon. The Asylum expansion to Ebon Eaves sounds extremely cool!

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2 thoughts on “tremulus Sneak Peek”

  1. At first glance, it looked very text heavy and a bit off putting – bear in mind I’ve not played the game and this is my first exposure – but once you start reading, it all makes sense, and even gives some insight into how the system will work. I definitely looks like something I’ll be keeping an eye on.

    1. The good thing is that basically everything you need as a player is already on the playbook. So you can really print/photocopy a couple of playbooks and start playing without any prior knowledge of the rules.

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