Kickstarter: Fate Core System

Even though I haven’t played it that often I am a big fan of the Fate system.  It took me quite a while to wrap my head around the Fate rules but when it “clicked” I realized how elegant the system was and how easy it made it for people to focus on roleplaying their characters and driving the story forward. Fate is one of those games where it suddenly becomes more important who your character is and not what he or she can do.

For quite a while Evil Hat has been working on an updated Fate Core System. The rules are pretty much finished. The only things still missing are the interior artwork and the fans’ feedback. That’s where the Kickstarter comes in.

With still 56 days to go, the Fate Core Kickstarter has already reached it’s goal of $3,000 and has already reached a couple of stretch goals. Backers also get access to the latest draft of the Fate Core rules already. If you are a fan of Fate you definitely should support this project. It’s well worth it!