Day 10 – Favorite RPG publisher

Is it Monday already? And we are ten days into the  #RPGaDay2015 Challenge! Time flies..

We are hitting the really difficult questions, the ones where we have to choose favorites and it involves people you know directly or indirectly. So let’s put on the big boy pants and go for it.

Day 10 – Favorite RPG publisher

When I was younger this would have been easy to answer, for two reasons, I was a D&D fan and TSR had my undivided attention. Of course I brought other games, my shelves are a testament to that, but I always returned to D&D and ultimately TSR.

Another big change has been social media. In the long long ago before the Internet, getting to talk to a game creator only happened through correspondence or convention attendance. There days, through social media and posting in this blog, has allowed me to interact with writers and artists I admire in ways my teenage self would never think possible, so picking a favorite is a little like asking a father to pick his favorite son!

There are lots of candidates… Paizo because I loved that they gave me an option when D&D 4th edition didn’t work for me and how they kept a rule system I enjoyed going, and improved on it. Green Ronin, because they make games I love and they have some genuinely talented and friendly creators on their staff. The list goes on and on… But when I started looking at all the pieces, quality, enjoyability, how their products fire up my imagination, and the quality of people working there, the answer was not difficult. Of all the wonderful and great companies out there, I have to say Kobold Press is my favorite RPG publisher.


Their books are always top notch, from the  writing, to the art, to the mechanics. Even when I don’t run their campaigns the books always have a treasure trove of ideas and mechanics I can use. If you look at the reviews I’ve done here in the blog, you can see how many I did for their products, and that’s not a coincidence, I am a HUGE fan!

So that’s my favorite, but all the other I mentioned and a few I did not, are all great companies, this is truly a great hobby, full of wonderful people.

That’s all for Day 10. What is your favorite RPG publisher? Let me know in the comments…

PS – Oh, and one last thing before I forget! After I wrote my Day 9 entry, favorite media you wish was an RPG, I read Gareth Skarka’s entry for Day 9, I just wished I would have thought about this! His pick was the old Epic Comics Alien Legion. What a series, and he’s right. Go read his post to get the details why. Thanks Gareth for reminding me of that property.