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Savage Worlds, playing The Wild Hunt (and a long winded retrospective…)

I have been intrigued by Savage Worlds ever since I first read about it. A system designed to be “fast, furious and fun”, without sacrificing the detailed character creation and the tactical aspects I’ve come to like in RPGs, that’s easy for the GM to prep for and can be used for many genres? Sold!

I got the revised rulebook in early 2006 and tried to read it. While it seemed simple enough there were many bits I found confusing, especially how damaged worked (Shaken, not stirred, nor wounded!). So I never got around to finishing it or even playing it. But I kept hearing great things about the game, so when I saw the Explorer’s Edition at Gen Con in 2007 I snatched two copies. I wanted to make this the game for my planned sci-fi game (regular readers will note that the aforementioned sci-fi game has now been in the planning stages for 8 years!) and I figured the extra copy would get passed around the table. Sadly Savage Worlds Explorer’s Edition suffered the same fate as True20 and other previous games I believed would entice my players. It lingered unused in a shelf for years.

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Stars Without Number POD Unboxing!

When I first discovered RPG e-books they changed my life! Well that may be a bit of hyperbole, but they definitely changed my gaming experience. Gaming supplements on PDF opened the door to so many new publishers, to experience the work of small press game designers who could electronically publish their ideas and supplements, they could now could put together products that may not have been viable thought traditional publishing but became feasible in the electronic book market.

Little by little I began to buy more and more RPG books on PDF, from True20 to ICONS and a whole lot more. This was ideal as I attempted to convert my gaming books collection to electronic format. As I embraced the presence of a laptop behind the GM Screen, or in this case supplanting it, I began to see the advantage of having the books on PDF. During my last D&D 3.5 campaign I lugged around a plastic chest (yes a chest) full of books to the game. I needed a handcart and the help of my player to unload the box form the car!

So you can imagine the advantage of carrying just my laptop and a few select books to the game. That’s why, even when I get hardcopies of the books I use (mostly Pathfinder and Mutants & Masterminds these days), I also invest on digital copies to go along with them.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not giving up on print. Even if I got an e-reader and love my gaming PDFs, I still collect books. I just won’t buy every book that comes out if I can get a digital copy. But every so often a game comes along that even when you’ve read it digitally you know this is a game that deserves a sport on your shelve. This was the case when I read Stars Without Number!

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Get “Interface-Zero” and “Shadows of Cthulhu” for just $2 each

One of my favorite games I never played is True20 by Green Ronin. Recently I learned about two awesome new settings for that game: “Interface-Zero” and “Shadows of Cthulhu“. The first is a modern cyberpunk setting, the latter is another take at H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu mythos.

Both settings are currently available at a discount price at RPGNow. For just $4 you can get two complete campaign settings for use with the True20 system. 


Interface-Zero True20 Shadows of Cthulhu

I have no idea how long those PDFs will be available at the reduced price, so if you are interested in either game, you should have a look. As far as I know you need the True20 Revised Edition book or the original True20 book and the Companion to play the game. If you are interested in learning more about those games you should also listen to the Atomic Array episodes 05 and 10, because they feature interviews with the creators of Interface-Zero and SoC respectively.

UPDATE: It seems the special sale has ended and Interface-Zero and SoC are now available at $4.95 each.