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NagaDemon 2018

I am really bad at Naga Demon (National Game Development Month), it is supposed to be for November but once I have an idea and commit to taking part I cannot resist getting started.

So last year I used my Wild West game as my Naga Demon project. Now that is in playtest I have to stop fiddling with it and let people play it and feedback.

So to keep me out of mischief I can get to play with something else. I quite enjoyed rolling out the ideas I was having when I was working on Devil’s Staircase and even the fact that the game was nameless when I started posting about it.

I also have an interest in FUDGE and an ongoing desire to find my perfect FUDGE game.

So this year for NagaDemon I am going to create a fudge based game but I want to create it ‘open book’ style using a series of posts on here to show my workings and my thought processes.

I want swords, I want monsters and I want magic but I don’t want bland generic fantasy with dwarves in this mountain and elves in this forest. Fantasy races were not designed to live in refugee camps or ghettos which is how it feels most of the time in fantasy games.

I have one question, I asked a very similar one earlier today in a dedicated FUDGE group but I will ask it here again as this is a very different audience I think.

If you were the head of a cult using human sacrifices to raise demons and use them to gain mystical knowledge, where in Europe would you base your cult where you think you could get away with this? 

The answer to this will be part of my setting for this new game so as many suggestions as possible please.

Ah, one more thing. Going with the whole open book game design theme. I am intending to post frequent updates to twitter. I have never really go into the whole social media thing as I don’t really have anything to share worth talking about. This project though with each decision I have to make and customising FUDGE to get the feel I am after could be interesting. If you would like to follow my progress then I am using the twitter account @PPMGamer for this*.

This is not intended to be a top down, me telling you what I have done, project but rather I am really open to suggestions and learning from other people’s mistakes. Your opinions matter and I am really interested.

*There is a story behind that account. Two friends and I, Peter Paul and Marcus, had this great idea of starting a games company. It seemed like a wonderful idea and we were all going to become millionaires and just play games all day. Paul and Marcus never didn’t any work so very few games ever got written, I am the first P.

Dark Fantasy

These days having to wait for things feels so old fashioned! I have grown used to pdf rulebooks and if I want something I can have it right now.

For years now I have been using a tablet PC for virtually all my rules look ups at the gaming table that my ‘books’ are normally selected pages printed off and filed. The actual pages are selected on a session by session basis so I have the minimum amount of dead tree at the table.

One reason for this is that I tend not to play my face to face game at home, I have to take myself and all my gaming stuff half way across the UK and I try and use public transport as much as possible as well. I do have a car but public transport is environmentally more sustainable than everyone running around in their own cars. Anyway, that is a bit of a digression!

So I am conditioned into wanting my PDFs on demand which is bad enough but I will also confess to wanting a free pdf quick start or at least a ‘lite’ version so I can try before I buy.

The Deryni Adventure Game is only available as a physical print book and it is not on RPGNow/Drivethru. That absolutely threw me! Wanting to get my hands on this game lead me to email greyghostgames directly asking if there was a pdf available and the awesome Ann Dupuis has actually put a copy of the printed book in the post for me. I will be reviewing this game properly when  have had a real chance to look at the book and hopefully actually play it.

In the mean time I am still looking for my instant gratification fix. My first impression of Princess Bride was a little dismissive but I have taken another look at the quickstart pdf and although the game isn’t what I am looking for ‘off the peg’ there is more good stuff here than I gave it fair credit for at first glance.

Having read the Bride QS and not being able to get my hands instantly on Deryni I needed something else to satisfy my fudge craving. So I started to have a detailed read of the Fudge engine. That is a free PDF and I have had it knocking around on my hard drive ever since I first looked at the Ghost Ops QS booklet. There were terms used in the QS that were not clearly explained so I went back to the source to understand how the thing actually worked.

So now my brain is ticking along thinking I have the Ghost Ops booklet as a model for how I want a fudge game to look and feel. There are really good bits in the Bride QS. So if I took bits from here and bits from there and filled in the missing bits from the original fudge rules how hard would it be to create the game I am looking for?

Despite a promise to myself not to start any more projects until I have finished more of my ongoing stuff I found myself with a two page Word document of which Attributes and Skills I think I need.

I finally reined myself in and I have saved that document for future reference. The good thing is that now I want to work on that darf fantasy game I spent this evening completing and editing  pass of one chapter of a game I am working on and started writing up the creature stats for the bestiary for that game. There is still loads to do and it is mostly the difficult bit of actually writing the full text rather than the fun bit of creating mechanics. I hope this burst of energy is sustained and I can really crack on with this project with my plans for a dark fantasy fudge game as the carrot to get things done.

If you are into fudge look out for some future posts about fantasy fudge as these are definitely in the pipeline!

WEG D6 first play report

Following on from a couple of recent posts (https://www.stargazersworld.com/2017/10/28/looking-for-a-spiritual-home/ and https://www.stargazersworld.com/2017/11/10/first-impressions-of-west-end-games-d6/) I actually got to play over the weekend. We played the D6 Fantasy version and I played a thief.

It was my original intention to run a session but as it turned out my intended player had run the game before so offered to GM for me. That has to be the best way of testing anything, with an enthusiastic and talented GM to draw you in.

The game was rather stealthy, stealthy, hack and slash but as an intro adventure showed off the skills system quite nicely. The rule book has loads of template PCs to choose but I went for rolling my own PC. In that case the templates served as a model as to what I should be aiming for. All in we were playing the intro scene in less than 30 minutes including a lot of hand holding and explaining the classes, advantages and disadvantages. It is inevitable that if you have the players hundreds of options to customise their characters then it will take time to review them.

I tend to measure every thing in Rolemaster time and it takes me 30 minutes to create a starting character in my preferred (house ruled) version when I know the rules like the back of my hand. Comparing that to 30 minutes for a complete novice and having everything explained and reading every possible advantage and disadvantage shows how much easier WEG is compared to Rolemaster.

The combat system was slightly simpler than the version in the core D6 core system book. There was only one thing that jarred. At one point I was unarmoured when I was attacked. They hit me with a broadsword. I dodged, as you do, but they still hit me. They rolled damage, I rolled my physique. I rolled well, they rolled poorly and I walked away with no damage. I have a problem imagining who that played out for the character. No one has swords bounce off them doing no harm. That certainly is a solid six pack if you ask me!

That niggle aside (and I don’t believe there is a game anywhere that doesn’t have some little weird kink in it) I was suitably impressed. I would definitely like to play this game again in more than a single one shot.

The game system definitely didn’t get in the way of the role playing and once I had come up to speed, knowing where to find the right numbers on the character sheet when called for things were pretty slick.

D6 Fantasy has just been revived and the books are being revised as we speak. For that reason I would be inclined to only buy the PDF so you can get updates as they happen. Buy the printed book now and you are stuck with out of date rules. Definitely worth spending $3 on.