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Dungeons & Dragons Red Box Review

I received and early copy of the Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition Red Box Fantasy Roleplaying Game Starter Set last week. It’s the first product to be released from the 4th edition Essentials product line. I have already posted an unboxing video, but now that I have spent a couple of days with the Red Box it’s time to let you know what I think.

First off I want to talk a moment about the Essentials product line. Dungeons & Dragons essentials products are people new to role playing games and new to D&D. With simplified Character creation that works with all aspects of 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons its the right choice. I also feel it’s a great choice for people like me. People who DM more games than they play and struggle over character creation as a result. Being able to quickly build a character and join a game is worth it’s weight in gold to me. Continue reading Dungeons & Dragons Red Box Review