Free Stuff Friday: DC Adventures Character Sheets

This week’s Free Stuff is: DC Adventures Character Sheets.

We wrote about DC Adventures last month. It’s a new RPG from Green Ronin Publishing based on the soon to be released the new Mutants & Masterminds 3rd edition rules.

Recently Green Ronin released a Black & White, and a Color version of their Character Sheets for DC Adventure for FREE!!!

On the Green Ronin Website they wrote this stuff up
: The DC Adventures: Hero’s Handbook comes with a single-page character sheet, but we know your heroes are bigger and bolder than that, so we’ve whipped up a two-page character sheet.

So go check out these new Character Sheets and start saving Gotham City & Metropolis from the forces of evil! But before you start be sure to thank the great folks over at Green Ronin for this free stuff!