And finally, the Book Club!

RPG-Book-Worm3 Missed me yet? Anyone… Are those crickets I hear? Well I certainly missed all of you!

Real life has kept me away from the blog for too long, and I figured what better way to come back than tackling a topic I brought up little over a month ago, the Stargazer’s World Book Club.

Last time around I expounded the benefits and opportunities of a book club and many of you out there where interested in the idea of participating in a virtual book club so here we go. I’m officially hosting the first session of the Stargazer’s World Book club.

I’m writing this post to propose various options as far as reading material are concerned and to set up some preliminary rules.

What could we read? I have four options in mind:

  • DC Adventures – The latest iteration of the Mutants & Masterminds rules adapted to the DC Comics universe. The book has now been out for a couple of weeks and there is a PDF available from RPGNow.
  • Atomic Highway – This post apocalyptic rpg has been on my mind for a while. Michael has posted about it and I’m itching to read it. I’m going to grab the PDF whether we choose to read it or not since its on sale, but we could all read it and discuss it.
  • Mutant Future – And old school option for the post apocalyptic fix can be this game. It’s a free download available from Goblinoid Games.
  • Dragons of Autumn Twilight – After The Hobbit this was the next fantasy novel I read and it began my long love affair with fantasy fiction and reinforced my love for D&D. I have NOT revisited it since, and while I dread how the experience may go, I’m willing to give it a try. I figure it’s easily available and may games will have access to it.

I’ll wait for your feedback on what the majority wants to read. I’ll post a follow up early next week with the official selection. Once that post is up we’ll have a month to read the selection. At the end of that month I’ll write an initial post about what we read and we can all discuss in the comments.

Then next month any willing member of the club can host that month’s discussion. I’d like to begin organizing a calendar of future hosts at least two or three months in advanced, so if you are interested either send me a message or leave a comment.

How does it sound? Let me know what you think! Here is hoping many of you are on board for the Stargazer’s World Book Club. Happy reading everybody!