Words of Power, part two of the Ultimate magic playtest…

I’ve been a little quiet these past few days, real life, a bad cold and all that, but the blog must go on! This came out a couple of days ago and I somehow missed it. Paizo released part 2 of their Ultimate Magic playtest for the Pathfinder RPG, Words of Power.

It’s a nifty little alternate spellcasting system. I just gave it a read over and it is certainly different, but intriguing. I don’t know if I would use it on my current campaign, but I have an alternate campaign I’ve been tinkering with and such a system might be a fit. I’ll have to look at it in greater detail.

As ever I am thankful of Paizo’s open playtest. Remember they take your feedback serious and they have an area of their message board dedicated to this.

Hope you all enjoy this!

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