Kobold adoptions going on right now! Free Kobold Quarterly #11…

Kobolds! Some of those little humanoids, that went from being the pesky scaled doglike bane of 1st level PCs to dragon blooded opponents of the modern adventurer, so renowned that they have a publication named after them, need a home! The wonderful people at Open Game Design are putting issue #11 of Kobold Quarterly up for adoption; will you find a home for it?

Ok, enough with the melodrama, let’s get to the good part. Just like last year, you can download a free copy of Kobold Quarterly as a PDF, specifically issue #11, until February 9th.  Michael has reviewed issues before, and I recently reviewed issue #16. This issue from the fall of 2009 is up to par with their usual quality, excellent layout, a great diversity of articles, and a format reminiscent of the bygone magazines of old. If you are a fan of D&D 4th edition there is a good spread of articles for you here covering insanity, wishes, and paragon paths for monstrous creatures. For D&D 3.5 fans, and I know there are many of you out there, you’ll find some gems like an alternate dwarf, playing were-creatures, and (my favorite article in the issue), the Ecology of the Vampire. There is little material for Pathfinder as this was back when the game was still coming out, but most of the material for D&D 3.5 are perfectly usable for Pathfinder fans.

What they DO have for Pathfinder is the spell-less Ranger. This seems to be something fans always want, a ranger that casts no spells, like a certain ranger from a popular fantasy series… This was the selling point for me and the reason I got this issue on the first place when it came out. This has been part of the available classes for my Pathfinder game ever since I decided to switch my homebrew to that system. Besides what I just mentioned there are advice columns from some of the biggest names in game design, book reviews, and a city write up, with accompanying map.

If you are unsure whether to buy Kobold Quarterly, here is your chance to try it out for free. Download it, read it, I bet you’ll like it. Navigate your way to the KQ Store and use the coupon code KQ11Gift to download it. Once you read it, be sure to come back and let me know what you think. I’d like to know if my opinion matches those of our readers.

PS – I went through a few possible titles for this post before finally writing it down. The one that actually became the title and the caption accompanying the post are just two of them. Some of the other titles were:

Have Kobold, will download!

The good, the digital and the Kobold…

Wrestling History in the making… Kobold Mania #11

Kobold Evolution…