New “Fanworks” for Dungeonslayers

imageZombieslayers It’s a great time for Dungeonslayers fans right now. Just a few days ago the English version has been released as a free PDF and now there are already two new fan creations available.

The first fan creation is Zombieslayers, a 10-paged PDF, that provides players and GMs with new rules to run modern day zombie games using the Dungeonslayer core rules. It even allows you to easily convert zombies from your favorite movie, TV series or computer game to DS. The original concept was actually by Christian Kennig himself, but Daniel Vallée brought Zombieslayers into it’s current form.
Look and layout are similar to the other DS supplements and it’s definitely worth a look, especially if you are into the Zombie Apocalypse genre.

The second fan creation is Valngress – City of Ruins, which is a 16-paged sandbox setting for Dungeonslayers. The setting has been first announced back in 2010 but obviously it has been in development hell for quite some time. Luckily Marcus Bone finally finished the setting recently. Even though the booklet is only 16 pages long it contains pretty detailed descriptions of the ruined city of Valngress and even some guidelines on how to adapt existing Dungeon-2-Go adventures to run them using Valngress and a fully-fledged introductory adventure.

Both “Fanworks” can be downloaded for free from the official Dungeonslayers site.