#RPGaDay2017 Day 1: When you wish upon a die!

Here we go! If you read yesterday’s post you know all about #RPGaDay2017 and my plan to blog about it here and to vlog about it at Desde la Fosa. So, let’s get going with day 1.

August 1: What published RPG do you wish you were playing right now?

 Easy, Fading Suns! I mentioned my love for this game during #RPGaDay2015 on day 18 and day 21. Fading Suns is that RPG I own that I always mean to play but never do. From the mythology, the politics, to humanity fallen on a dark age in the far future, it was done before (mainly Warhammer 40K comes to mind) and since (Stars Without Number I’m looking at you), but they just haven’t done it like Fading Suns.

I own many of the books, not all, including the core books for all three editions, plus the D20 Version. There were two recent Bundles of Holding for the PDF books. Ulysses Spiele now has the publishing rights to the game and I am looking forward to their take on their game. If the recent success and results of their Torg Eternity Kickstarter are any indication, I’m really looking forward to their take on this classic. Maybe I’ll finally get to play Fading Suns

If you want me to see me talk about Fading Suns in Spanish look at the video below…

What published RPG do you wish you were playing right now? Let us know in the comments.

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See you all tomorrow…