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Long Running Reviews

In my last post, here, I discussed serialising reviews. So in a ‘putting your money where your mouth is’ move I tried this for myself. Over on my own blog I have started a series of in depth looks at an existing game. My blog is all about Rolemaster and the new version of Rolemaster is approaching completion under the working title of Rolemaster Unified. Rolemaster Unified is generally referred to as RMU in Rolemaster circles.

The Rolemaster community is somewhat fragmented for a couple of reasons. The original version was MERP which morphed into 1st Edition and that evolved into 2nd Edition, generally referred to RM2. When the original publisher, ICE when bust the reborn company lost the rights to many bits of the game written by freelancers who had not been paid and that sort of messy stuff. So a new version of RM2 was released that was backwardly compatible and this was called Rolemaster Classic.

When RM2 was at its peak it turned into a sprawling system that had grown rather organically and with no clear structure. To resolve that a new version was released called Rolemaster Standard System or RMSS. When ICE got into trouble the rereleased version was called Rolemaster Fantasy Role Playing or RMFRP.

So already you can see there are loads of different names for what are essentially two very similar but parallel versions of Rolemaster.

The latest incarnation of the ICE brand want to only support a single version of Rolemaster. This makes producing supplements and companions easier and brings their market together. This is what the Unified in RMU stands for.

The problem is that the RM2/RMC community want RMU to be more like RM2/RMC and the RMSS/RMFRP community want it to be more like RMSS/RMFRP.

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#RPGaDay2018 – Day 3: What gives a game “staying power”?

Welcome to Day 3 #RPGaDay2018, we’re here to stay!

The question for today is: What gives a game “staying power”?

I’m going to tackle the topic from two perspectives in the videos, the game as the experience shared by players when they play, and the game as a game line you buy through books and supplements. Here are the videos…

In English for Sunglar’s Musings:

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Making Monsters

I have been away for the past two weeks touring Iceland. Iceland is a country with a rich mythology of trolls, elves (the hidden people), viking sagas including berserkers, sorcery and witchcraft. It is a great place for getting inspiration as a GM.

I have also spent my holiday reading the complete works of H P Lovecraft. The Icelandic summer is the best time to read these if you are a wuss like me as it never gets dark.

Over the past two weeks I have written five adventures but for every one of them I have created new monsters. That is  a really odd thing to do as nearly every well established game has volume after volume of monsters. Why do I need yet more or feel that none of the five thousand monsters I have at my disposal are quite right?

The adventures I have written are, first and foremost, for my long standing group and will probably slot into the campaign after they complete their current adventure. I say probably as I am not a railroading GM and if they don’t take the bait then they could easily miss all of these adventures.

These adventures are also the ones I intend to submit to ICE for The Adventurers Guild. I would like to have played through them at least once before submitting them to the editor.

So why make new monsters?

I think the combination of the Lovecraftian influences and the Icelandic  mythology have created a set of adventures that need the perfect monster but also it needs a monster, or a better word would be foe, that the players do not know down to the last statistic, how tough it to kill, how dangerous it is in a fight and how to defeat it. Familiarity breeds contempt as the cliche says.

I left the monster building until I came home, I didn’t take a computer on holiday with me or rule books. I could check the odd rule here or there using the PDF rules on my phone but it was very liberating to just write the description of the creatures I wanted as I wanted them to be rather than be constrained by what was in the books.

The common factor is of course that rules play no part in the whole creation process. I can always ‘fix’ the rules afterwards. In this case it is just monsters. In this context rules equates to constraints and creativity and constraints are never easy bedfellows.