Lazy Friday Video Post: Dungeons & Dragons TV series intro

I remember having seen a few episodes of this series a few years back and I still don’t understand why anyone thought this TV show was a good idea. And by the way, since when are Cavalier and Acrobat base classes in D&D. Or am I missing something here?

I think I have to wash out my eyes with bleach after watching this again. Be back next week!

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6 thoughts on “Lazy Friday Video Post: Dungeons & Dragons TV series intro”

  1. I spent many a Saturday morning with this show when I was short. I believe cavalier was a base class in Ad&d and Acrobat was in one of the Ad&d expatriation, I know I remember a friend of mine playing one at some point.
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  2. Huge fan of the show during its original run. I always wished I could find the rollercoaster that would transport me to that world. Cavalier and Thief-Acrobat were classes in the AD&D Unearthed Arcana sourcebook, along with Barbarian.
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  3. What what what?!?!?!

    The D&D cartoon was awesome! And, I'm enjoying it on a whole different level now that I'm watching the boxed set again as an adult. There is a whole layer of sophistication lurking just behind the main script, only revealed in certain tricky moments.

    I really wonder why the setting never got a book. When you watch the whole thing, there's some nifty mythology in there.

    Is it total coincidence that my captcha was "DRAGONS"?
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  4. Stargazer I must disagree! The series was LOTS of fun. I remember the series fondly and like other posters here own the DVD set. Was it cheesy? Sure, but it was for kids. I discovered the series and the D&D toys BEFORE actually playing the game. The series had such an impact on my imagination that my first D&D campaign integrated some characters from the series and toy lines. Not the main protagonists, even at that age I could figure they had no place in my game, but Warduke was both a character in an episode an and action figure (as well as a character in the Shady Dragon Inn supplement which had stast for characters in the Basic D&D game) turned up in my game and many others by the reaction people had to his 3rd ed. write up in Dragon some years ago.

    I played in a campaign where Venger was one of the main villains. The campaign was based on the original Nintendo Zelda game, and Venger was the sic fingered man to an Iñigo Montoya clone my friend was playing. In my current Pathfinder Game a Venger-like character is a half-fiend noble the characters are yet to meet. So I CAN say it impacted my psyche greatly.

    Re-watching them was a mixed bag, but they are still a fond memory form my youth.

    As others have noted, both the Cavalier and the Thief Acrobat where classes in the original AD&D 1st Edition Unearthed Arcana.

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