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Survey Says!

The RPG Rule System Preference Survey Results (a non-scientific study)

Twenty days ago I was having a conversation with friends over game complexity. The specifics of the conversation are unimportant, but the arguments were mainly whether people prefer a robust complex system with lots of options despite the complexity, or whether people would rather have a simpler system, even if that means fewer choices in mechanics, but that is easier to pick up and play. I had a feeling that while complex systems have their hardcore fans and familiarity lowers the difficulty to pick up newer versions of games even if they increase in complexity, when given the choice people choose simple over complex. So to get a feeling about the opinions of other role-players out there, I created a survey online and shared it on Facebook and Twitter to find out! Continue reading Survey Says!

Quick & Dirty Games website launched

Today the website of the new roleplaying game publisher and design studio Quick & Dirty Games launched. Q&D Games is the brain-child of Michael Garcia, who some of you probably know from his work on several ICE products. He also set up the Dungeonslayers wiki (by the way, we still need some help translating some of the Dungeonslayer stuff from German to English, so if you are interested make sure to check the wiki out !).

Q&D Games

Michael Garcia is currently working on a fantasy RPG using Chad Underkoffler’s PDQ rules. This yet unnamed game is planned to be released as a 64-page print book. But he also intends to release some stuff for free (like his awesome FATE/FUDGE character sheet).

For more information on Quick & Dirty Games, you should check out the official website! By the way, I helped Michael with the website and logo, and we are going to release a free game I have written soon. So stay tuned!

Ad Astra character sheet

Yesterday we finally started my Ad Astra campaign. In order to make things easier for my players and me, I created a couple of record sheets for characters and space ships. Today I made some minor adjustments to the sheet and decided to share it with my readers.

Ad Astra sheet for the PDQ system

The character sheet was created with the PDQ system in mind, so if you want to play Ad Astra with any other system, you’ll need to create your own sheets. You can download the characters sheet as a PDF document here.