I picked up a copy of Zombies!!! from PAX in Seattle last year. It was a game some of our Alaska friends had talked to us about and said they really enjoyed. When I saw it for sale at the convention I picked it up.

The game play is something I like to call organic. You and the other players start out in a zombie infested town. I can’t stress INFESTED enough either. You deal with a lot of zombies in this game. Game play reminds me of Carcassonne with the tiles. With each turn you and your players are building the town and adding zombies to each tile. The goal is to survive long enough to make it to the helicopter pad which happens to be one of the three very last tiles that is put down. So the helicopter pad could end up anywhere.

As you rummage through town you can pick up extra health and ammunition to help stave of zombie attacks. You just have to be smart about it because there is not a lot of these items.

My group and I played this game on one of our role playing game nights where not everyone could show up. The game was fun, but not one of my favorites. Several people at my table really enjoy the game though so take my opinion with a grain of salt.

Zombies!!! is a 2 – 6 person game that takes about an hour to play for ages 12 and up.

Have you played Zombies? Leave me some comments on what you thought about this game.

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6 thoughts on “Zombies!!!”

  1. I enjoyed this game and ported some of my glow in the dark zombies over to Last Night on Earth. I prefer the later, but both are really fun! One aspect of this game that I don't like is how, over time you build an organic and large map, but it's not very stable. A single table bump or maurading cat can run the entire map. Thanks for the ost!

  2. It's a fun game, but overall, I have to say I prefer Last Night on Earth to Zombies. I really love the resource management in Zombies, but the movement rules can slow the game to a crawl, and the late-game tends to become this weird cycle of sending the other players back to the center of the map over and over.

    Running low on bullets and being cornered by zombies can be intense and exciting, but that's not a big enough element of gameplay for me to love it.
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  3. I enjoy this game, but you have to play with people that are willing to buy in to the concept. Otherwise it's not that great. Also take a look at some of the Houserules that are out there, the rules out of the box don't always work.

    We've tried allowing weapons despite the building you are in, and Movement equals die roll plus number of hearts left. Which seems to work really well for our group.

    I have all the expansions and Lots and Lots of Extra Zombies. (Plus MidEvil and Expansions and Humans and Expansion and Zombietown and Expansion—I have a problem, I know.)

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