The End is Near – Adventure Background Part II

These are the characters I used for the CONcurrent Savage Worlds game The End is Near. I meant to post it BEFORE the games (yes games, I ran in online for CONcurrent and again during the latest Puerto Role Players Geeknic) but prep, work and other details kept me busy.  The following information I shared in Google+ with the online gamers and in RL with the players at the Geeknic. But I promised them so here they are. I posted the background previously, but just to recap:

These characters are part of a secret project by the Church of the Savior, a last ditch desperate attempt to save mankind from extinction caused by the Great Plague that has decimated humanity across the galaxy. Based on plans found on a xeno-archeological site, the project team constructed what they dubbed a Displacement Bomb meant to send arks filled with humans in suspended animation beyond the galaxy in hopes that humanity will survive there. Their destination, and in fact even if this mad gable will ultimately work, is unknown as the effect the machine will create is half understood.

Since contagion is so high and deadly all mission members wear containment suits that double as space suits at all times when working in the arks and the facilities on the planet where the device was constructed.  While candidates were being processed through the gateway station, the same protocol was enforced on the station, but once all the survivors were boarded this protocol has was not enforced. All members of the crew have been exposed to situations where the plague was present, at least one has developed symptoms and all were found to be either not-immune or in one case while immune, a potential carrier. Since the effect of the displacement wave is unknown and many scientists in the team estimate that it may start a chain reaction that could destroy the system’s star, a fast scout ships sits in the station hangar fueled and ready to carry out the crew away once the device enter its critical stage.

The containment/spacesuits have built in communicators with a 5 mile range, boosted by communication satellites to most of the facilities in the mission, their oxygen supply lasts 24 hours and includes a built in heads up display on the helmet, flashlight, micro boosters for zero-g movement and patches to seal any punctures. All mission members have been provided with side-arms and the tools they need to fulfill their duties. Most members have other personal belongings they carry with them. Two and four man high speed system shuttles abound and are available to the remaining crew members. With the gateway station mostly abandoned each remaining crew member has a comfortable cabin for his or herself.

The following characters are the skeleton crew left behind to ensure the device’s activation goes on as planned. You will notice that in the descriptions and names I made every attempt to be gender neutral, which made for some interesting writing, but I tired. Feel free to determine the gender and other details about the characters not specified in the background. When making these characters I tried to think of them as if I was casting a movie so I looked for some images that might represent the characters, there is a link to how I imagine they would look, both as a male and female at the end of each description. Feel free to use them, or not, that is up to you.  These are the ten members of the skeleton crew…

1. Professor Jessamine Hunter, Xeno-Archeologist and Mission Leader

Part of the original xeno-archeological team that discovered the plans to the device, Professor Hunter was not part of the “Displacement Bomb” development team and brought on board late in the mission. Originally opposed to the device being used without fully understating the consequences, Professor Hunter came on board when the former mission leader Father Suyirat, a longtime colleague and dear friend, died because of the plague. Father Suyirat’s dying wish was for Hunter to see the project to the end.

Male image: Joh Hamm

Female image: Evangeline Lilly

2. Araci Schulz, Clergy member of the Church of the Savior, Second in Command

The only skeleton crew member originally meant to be a passenger in one of the arks. Araci was newly ordained when the plague struck in the greater parish of New Kirovohrad. Araci survived as other died all around, one of the very few humans immune to the plague. Transported to L-I8R71, when examined by the medical staff at the gateway station they discovered that Araci, while a survivor, was a carrier for the plague and was denied access to the arks. Araci was in turn recruited as part of the Church of the Savior Mission Command team but turned down a place in the pilgrimage to Earth to see the project to the end.

Male Image: Ryan Gosling

Female Image: Emilie de Ravin

3. M. Delane, Mission Engineer

M. Delane was Operations Director at a remote Church of the Savior shipyard when the breakout of the plague left the distant system isolated. When uninfected survivors began to trickle into the system Delane ordered a blockade and the population of the planet entrenched itself to weather out the storm. Despite hardships and wants they survived and were saved when they became part of those identified as candidates to be passengers in the arks. However Delane became infected in transit when scavengers attacked the cargo ship transporting them. Delane joined the engineering team to make sure his people would have a chance to survive. He remains here to see this project to the end.

Male Image: Amr Waked

Female Image: Hind Sabri

4. Pao Buzzato, Mission Technician

A child prodigy Pao Buzzato was convicted of cybercrimes and corporate espionage as a teen in the Central Systems. Saved from a lengthy prison sentence by Church of the Savior missionaries who accepted responsibility for the teen and offered transport off system, Pao was given purpose when recruited by the Technical Services Branch of the Church’s Exploratory Corps. In the few unexplored corners of the galaxy Pao supported xeno-archeology and xeno-engineering teams and was brought on board as a junior member of this mission tech services based on expertise. Pao volunteered to be part of the skeleton crew overseeing final detonation just to see if this crazy plan will work.

Male Image: Rodrigo Santoro

Female Image: Cleo Pires

5. Zhenya Abrahim, Medical Doctor

Doctor Abrahim joined the mission for purely personal reasons. When Doctor Abrahim learned of the Great Plague first hand by treating its victims, the immediate reaction was to quarantine the family. Keeping them safe, the good doctor did everything possible to save them.  Learning of the mission through associates in the church’s humanitarian services branch Doctor Abrahim offered to work for the mission in exchange for passage for the family members untouched by the plague. The doctor remains behind to monitor the ark passengers in suspended animation, and to say goodbye…

Male Image: John Abraham

Female Image: Salma Hayek

6. Jasbinder “Jazz” Gomez, Mission Pilot

Jazz was more comfortable piloting a ship than doing anything else, the latest in a long line of space jockeys.  When confronted with the Great Plague Jasbinder suddenly realized that there is no one left to carry on a tradition begun generations ago. While not old by any stretch of the imagination Jazz did mentor most of the younger pilots attached to the mission, including those assigned to the arks, which will hopefully help the survivors once they arrive wherever they are going. Jazz is beginning to feel symptoms of the plague and knows that then end is inevitable, but knows that the skeleton crew may need to leave the system in a hurry and there is no better pilot than Jazz for the job.

Male Image: Ryan Reynolds

Female Image: Olivia Munn

7. Morgan Ixiana, Co-Pilot and Vehicle Maintenance

A former inmate of the Elmina Prison Planet, Morgan was freed when the Church of the Savior took over administration of the planet and Morgan converted to the faith. Accused many times of being an opportunist and a hypocrite by more pious members of the church, Morgan does not deny character faults, occasional drinking and gambling here and there, but actions speak louder than words and Morgan is faithful to the church, something proven in times of peace and in times of great danger, such as now. Morgan is close to Jazz, the best pilot in this mission, if fact the best pilot Morgan has served with, and grows concerned of the other’s health, refusing to leave the pilot alone.

Male Image: Steve Buscemi (the player at the Geeknic ended up going with the character looking like Danny Trejo)

Female Image: Goldie Hawn

8. Hikaru Vasile, Security Chief

Hikaru is a warrior past his prime. Old enough to remember the last time the human race faced extinction. A product of the genetic-breeding programs enacted when the Artificial Intelligences humankind relied so much on during the last days of the Union rose up against their creators. Hikaru was trained in camps with others breed for war for a single purpose, to destroy the machines and their minions, and save mankind. They succeeded and humanity rose from the ashes proven and tempered. The genetic-breeding has allowed Hikaru to live far longer than the average human and to once again face the extinction of the human race. Unlike during the AI Wars there is no clear enemy this time around. There is only the hope of this last desperate attempt.

Male Image: Tetsuro Tamba

Female Image: Angela Landsbury

9. Ash Stratton, Security Field Expert

Ash has served in various mercenary companies, a veteran of many skirmishes despite relative youth. A deserter from planetary conscription Ash traveled the galaxy working for the highest bidder, often switching sides when the money was right. When taken prisoner after a rout Ash was about to be spaced when an old grizzled commander spared the life of the defeated mercenary. Ash became Hikaru Valise’s protégée. The old genetically engineered soldier taught Ash about honor, duty and the finest points of war. Ash returned the kindness by taking care of the hoary warrior when old enemies came to enact revenge. Despite impending doom Ash remains optimistic following the advice an officer shared long ago, “There is always an out. You just have to figure out what it is?”

Male Image: Channing Tatum

Female Image: Gina Carano

10. Jean-Marie, Support Services

Jean-Marie was once a labor leader, business owner and political figure in the Colonies. When the systems were integrated into the Cooperation Sphere the resulting economic collapse left Jean-Marie destitute. Never one to give up Jean-Marie began a new life as a merchant ferrying cargo across the galaxy, both legal and otherwise. The smuggler was captured and tried but given another chance by working with the Church of the Savior. Within the Church’s vast structure Jean-Marie became instrumental in the Support Services branch, the unglamorous job of supplying and ensuring day to day operations continued without a hitch. With family and friends in the arks, when the Support Services staff was dismissed Jean Marie volunteered to stay behind and see this endeavor to the very end.

Male Image: Terence Stamp

Female Image: Helen Mirren

Here is a link to the character sheets for these characters. They are seasoned characters an I hope there are no MAJOR mistakes on the sheets! I hope you find these useful, enjoy…


Three short items before I end this post. Thanks to all the players who played the adventure, it was a blast to run it. I fully intend to write a retrospect on the CONcurrent experience once I’m done with some classwork. Finally, the image accompanying this post I got from this post on the Info Gargoyle site. I found it looking for Creative Commons images and I believe the image is, if I am mistaken PLEASE let me know so I can give proper credit or remove it.