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RPG a Day 2015 Challenge – Day 28

Before everything else, a quick tropical storm Erika update: I’m ok! You can sleep better knowing I will finish my posts for #RPGaDay2015. Here in Puerto Rico we were lucky the storm was disorganized and ended up moving south of us. We have various municipalities without power, there was some flooding, but we didn’t suffer any major consequences. Erika is now moving towards our neighbor the Dominican Republic; I hope they are as fortunate as us. Sadly, the effects of Erika were terrible in Dominica… Predictive models have it arriving in Florida as a hurricane, everybody stay safe! Now, on to the post…

Day 28 – Favorite game you no longer play

star Forntiers Logo

Star Frontiers Group

This game has made previous appearances this year for #RPGaDay2015 as well as last year, Star Frontiers. This game was my first sci-fi game after playing D&D, I remember getting the box, coloring the dice with the crayon, and it was an easy transition from fantasy to science fiction. Through high school I played as much Star Frontiers as D&D. It was my first long term sci-fi campaign. I played a solo game with a neighbor for months; we played it at lunch in school for about two years. I even had two parallel campaigns running with intertwined storylines. Continue reading RPG a Day 2015 Challenge – Day 28

RPG a Day 2015 Challenge – Day 27

This post brought to you by hurricane preparedness and emergency shopping! Just kidding… Currently Puerto Rico is under tropical storm warning, and we are preparing for the arrival of tropical storm Erika. Everything should be fine, but if I miss my post tomorrow, you’ll know we lost power due to the winds. Hopefully tomorrow’s post should be on time. But you are not here for meteorological update; let’s get to today’s topics for #RPGaDay2015.

Day 27 – Favorite idea for merging two games into one

Space 1889

If you are a regular reader of the blog, this pick should surprise you, and I know I’m not alone in my love for this game, Space 1889! Merging pulp adventures set in a Victorian word with super science based on the scientific concepts of the age produced a game that had a significant impact in me. I loved Jules Verne as a kid, my grandmother read me some of his works, I devoured comics based on his stories as soon as I could read, so the concept of adventure in the 19th century was immediately appealing to me, however when I began reading the book I realized how much I didn’t know about the epoch. Mind you I was 16, but I realized my history classed had glossed over much of the period. The game began a long love affair with learning about the Victoria era and eventually studying the literature of the age. Continue reading RPG a Day 2015 Challenge – Day 27

Day 26 – Favorite inspiration for your game

As I write this post the end of the 26th day of August quickly approaches in Germany, but since I’ve take over the blog this month, we are running in Puerto Rico time and here it is still the 26th. Never mind the muffled cries from the basement, the Stargazer is ok!

Unlike the past two days, today’s topic for #RPGaDay2015 is something I talk about at length, inspiration! Read on…

Day 26 – Favorite inspiration for your game

If you’ve been reading my entries over the past weeks you’ll have doubtlessly discovered various inspirations, from movies to books, specific series and even toys for different genres, but if I try to identify larger inspirations that apply across all the different games I play I can pinpoint three major ones that played a role on my creative process, campaign creation and the dynamics of storytelling, and you may be surprised about some of them. Allow me to tackle them one at a time:

1 – Telenovelas!

Yes, telenovelas… As a young kid it was hard to avoid telenovelas in local television, they would take up a good block of programing, typically after noon, until children’s programing began and then another block after the news. In that respect, not much has change, only that today they show even MORE telenovelas. I grew up watching them, and loved them! I don’t watch them anymore, but they are still very popular.

Continue reading Day 26 – Favorite inspiration for your game