Face Your Manga

Ok, this post is not really RPG related but it might be interesting to all you bloggers, forum users and in fact everyone who needs a digital representation of him- or herself aka...

May 26, 2009

Legal information

I added a new static page called “Legal information” to the site today. Aside from the notice that the content of my site is licensed under a Creative Commons license, I had no...

March 6, 2009

Fun with Wordle

While I was sitting in my office, drinking coffee and waiting for inspiration, I played around with Wordle. Wordle is a free service that creates word clouds out of RSS feeds, texts or...

March 3, 2009

Listen to this blog!

Following into the footsteps of Dice Monkey I added an Odiogo “Listen Button” to my blog’s sidebar. Odiogo is a service that provides an audio version of your regular feed. The text-to-speech technology used is...

February 16, 2009

Technorati = FAIL

Recently I added a few new features to my site. One addition was a Technorati widget that should show my blogs authority, sites that link to me, Technorati tags and more. Alas this...

January 27, 2009

Canned Meat

I am currently trying to fend of an unending onslaught of spam comments on this blog. When I woke up this morning there were 17 new comments to be approved and they were...

November 13, 2008

Feed the Reader

No, this post is not about RPGs, but about blogs, the RPG Bloggers Network and feed readers. I’ve noticed that the vast majority of my readers are referred to my blog by our...

October 8, 2008

RPG Bloggers Network

As you may have noticed, the “Stargazer’s World” blog is now part of the RPG Bloggers Network. What is this? Let me give an excerpt from the Network’s site: I’m glad you asked....

August 26, 2008