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History of West End Games

The newly created WEG Wiki features an interesting article about the history of West End Games. Here’s an excerpt for your convenience: Previously a producer of board wargames, the company began producing roleplaying...

March 4, 2009


The english edition of Dungeonslayers is nearing completion and today Dungeonslayers.com, the english version of the official DS website went online. If you want to learn more about Dungeonslayers check out the site...

February 27, 2009

Mutant Future

Some time ago I posted about Labyrinth Lord and other retro clones based on old-school D&D. I didn’t know that the creators of Labyrinth Lord also released Mutant Future, a game based on...

February 23, 2009

Swashbucklers of the 7 Skies

One of the RPG Blogs I’ve subscribed in Google Reader is the german blog Rollenspiel-Almanach. Today a post about Swashbucklers of the 7 Skies grabbed my attention. I actually haven’t heard of that...

February 10, 2009