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Post/page ratings and iPhone support

This morning I installed two plugins that will make reading this blog even more enjoyable! WP-PostRatings You’ve probably already noticed the small star icons below the post titles. You can now rate posts...

September 11, 2008

Elementary, dear Watson!

I love RPG and I love murder mysteries. When I am not blogging, gaming or drinking coffee, I am probably listening to a Sherlock Holmes audiobook or watch the latest CSI episode. I...

September 9, 2008


When Wizards of the Coast started Gleemax I was hoping for something just like Facebook but for gamers. I don’t think I have to tell what a major disappointment this site was. So...

September 1, 2008

RPG Bloggers Network

As you may have noticed, the “Stargazer’s World” blog is now part of the RPG Bloggers Network. What is this? Let me give an excerpt from the Network’s site: I’m glad you asked....

August 26, 2008