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Fudge SRD TiddlyWiki

What’s better than the Fudge SRD? The Fudge SRD in TiddlyWiki format! One of the regulars of the #stargazersworld IRC channel on who goes by the name fudgebob has created a TiddlyWiki...

October 21, 2010

Going to Essen tomorrow!

Tomorrow is a big day in my gaming-calendar: The Spiel 2010 in Essen starts! I assume, that “Spiel” or “Essen” don’t ring any bells with quite a few of my readers here at...

October 20, 2010

From The Imperial Library

Today I uploaded the latest WR&M supplement to DriveThruRPG. From The Imperial Library, written by Brian Brousseau is the official WR&M magic supplement. It not only contains several alternate magic systems, but also...

September 29, 2010