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Support the Stargazer!

Some of you may already have noticed that I added a new widget to the right sidebar of the blog titled “Support the Stargazer!”. The widget contains links to my Amazon wishlists (on...

June 14, 2011

Someone is stealing our stuff!

I have no problems with people using the Stargazer’s World RSS feed as it is meant to be. The contents of the blog are usually licensed under CC BY-NC-SA after all. But it...

April 11, 2011

New theme and other changes

Today I decided it was the time for a few changes here at Stargazer’s World. The most obvious change is the new theme. Stargazer’s World now uses the Mystique theme by digitalnature. This...

February 8, 2011


Earlier today I installed the DISQUS comment system on Stargazer’s World. At the same time I disabled the Janrain Engage plugin which allowed users to sign in using various social media services. The...

November 19, 2010