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My Gamer ADD is again in Full Swing

At the moment thousands of ideas are rushing through my head. I am looking at various roleplaying games at the same time, think about converting others, look into what’s coming up in the...

January 11, 2017

Fallout Fudged

A while ago I had the idea to run a campaign based on the Fallout computer game series. I was actually just replaying the original Fallout computer game when I realized that it...

November 6, 2013

Sandbox games: A collection of links

When I had the idea of running a sandbox game I did some research first. Especially when you try a new game or a new style of GMing things can go terribly wrong...

January 19, 2012

RPG Blogging 101: Writing posts

Writing posts is actually the hardest part of running any blog. Everything else up to this point was mostly theoretical or technical stuff, but now we come to what really makes a blog....

April 20, 2011