When in doubt, run a one-shot!

I am definately not a one-system person and when I run adventures in a setting for too long I tend to look for new things to try out. Of course it’s almost impossible...

March 16, 2009

Roleplaying City Map Generator

Some time ago I read about an awesome freeware city map generator for Windows. But alas the creator’s site  is down for quite some time now and it’s pretty hard to find a...

February 27, 2009

My first CC3 map

Yesterday I finally sat down to create my first map in Campaign Cartographer 3. I bought the software and played a bit around, but never actually made a proper map with it. Now...

February 19, 2009

Stargazer’s RPG Stuff

Inspired by fellow RPG blogger Zachary’s post “Using Google Sites For Your Campaign” I created a Google Sites site of my own that I will fill with everything that goes beyond the scope...

February 12, 2009

Create custom fonts for free

Yesterday I stumbled upon an article on Lifehacker that could be of some interest to all GMs out there. The service YourFonts allows you to create your own TrueType font for free. Most...

February 3, 2009

So you want to be a GM?

Every now and then a mere player decides he has to rise above his fellow men and become a gamemaster. And trust me, being a GM is not as hard as it sounds....

January 30, 2009

Five tips to improve your roleplaying

In my opinion there are a lot of people who mistake roleplaying games for miniature combat games. But what makes RPGs so much fun is the roleplaying part. When you do your job...

January 26, 2009