Medieval town map tutorial

Some days ago, fellow RPG blogger MJ Harnish pointed an awesome map-making tutorial out to me. This tutorial uses Photoshop and the Roleplaying City Map Generator, which I am hosting at my Google...

October 12, 2009

Mercator-style maps in Photoshop

At Cartographer’s Guild I discovered a tutorial that shows you step-by-step how to create an antique-looking world map for your fantasy campaign. Yesterday I even started to create my own Mercator-style map for...

May 29, 2009


Last week I started working on a SF campaign after my players told me that they wanted to play “something with space ships and laser guns”. We checked out the SF campaign settings...

March 30, 2009

Create custom fonts for free

Yesterday I stumbled upon an article on Lifehacker that could be of some interest to all GMs out there. The service YourFonts allows you to create your own TrueType font for free. Most...

February 3, 2009

More prop generators!

In my last post I wrote about the Newspaper Clipping Generator, but there are a lot of generators available on the internet that can help you to easily create props for your roleplaying...

September 25, 2008

Newspaper Clippings

I always love to use props and one of my favorite prop are newspaper clippings. Usually I used a word processor like Word or Open Office to create a mock-newspaper. But there’s an...

September 25, 2008

Canned Monstrosities

While checking some websites this morning I stumbled upon some great tutorials for Halloween props. These props could make excellent props for use at the gaming table especially when you run some horror...

September 4, 2008