Random musings


The “Dane of War” Mystery

This article is probably not 100% RPG-related but it’s about someone from our community. A couple of years back a blogger called Brian Pedersen aka Dane of War was quite active in the...

February 10, 2015


On the Citizens of the Imperium forums I stumbled upon a thread about a very cool idea how to run Traveller. It’s called Proto-Traveller and refers to a campaign mostly based on the...

January 30, 2015

Happy New Year!

I wish all my friends and followers a happy new year 2015! From a personal standpoint 2014 was a pretty bad year for me. My depressions have been worse than ever. But luckily...

January 4, 2015


This is obviously a huge thing right now, so I thought I’ll join the fun. Three most recently played RPGs: Numenera D&D 5th Edition Savage Worlds Three favorite (current) RPGs: Numenera Traveller Barbarians...

December 11, 2014

Realism in Roleplaying Games

Realism is a subject that regularly crops up in online and offline discussions about roleplaying games. Especially people who prefer a simulationist approach to roleplaying games tend to talk about this a lot....

November 25, 2014