Random musings


Fallout Fudged

A while ago I had the idea to run a campaign based on the Fallout computer game series. I was actually just replaying the original Fallout computer game when I realized that it...

November 6, 2013

IRC anyone?

Internet Relay Chat is a protocol for text-based messaging harking back to the early days of the internet. Nowadays it’s mostly forgotten. But interestingly enough the RPG scene is quite active on IRC....

October 15, 2013

My evil brain

My evil brain is messing with me again. For a while several campaign ideas have been on my mind, but for some reason I’m unable to turn these loose threads into something coherent....

September 25, 2013

More Mecha!

For some reason I’m in the mood for some more Mecha in my gaming life. Back in the early ‘90s we played Battletech almost weekly and I have some fond memories of a...

September 5, 2013

Too many games, too little time…

We’re living in exciting times – especially when roleplaying games are concerned. At any given moment there are several exciting Kickstarter projects running, every other week new roleplaying games are announced. Especially in...

August 13, 2013