Some House rules for WR&M

During the last days a lot of people have started creating their own stuff for Warrior, Rogue & Mage. There are already a couple of discussion threads on the official Stargazer Games forums,...

August 2, 2010


In March I posted about Apple’s iPad and what it could mean for us gamers. Even back then there were several apps that make a gamer’s life easier. But recently I learned about...

July 29, 2010

Remembering A Legend

Gary Gygax, was a writer and game designer. In the 1960s Gygax founded Gen Con. In 1971 he help develop the war game Chainmail. He co-founded the company Tactical Studies Rules (TSR), and...

July 27, 2010

Writing Influences

I’ve written several articles in the past regarding finding inspiration to start writing, but I thought that for today’s post I’d write about how you can keep writing and what drives development of...

July 22, 2010